A spell that changes me everyday

Sometimes I like to imagine, or almost believe I am under some kind of spell that makes me change everday. I wake up and somehow something about me changes, and people tell me, “you look different today,” or if I changed a certain feature about me when I haven’t. Even people I see almost every day will tell me something’s changed. But it makes sense to believe we are a different person everyday. It’s a whole new day, so why wouldn’t we be new people? 

Interestingly, when I am told I look different, I can never pin-point what about me is different, and neither can they except for a general statement saying, “you look more [a certain way]” or “you just look different somehow.” It’s not make-up (which I hardly wear anyway) or necessarily the clothes I wear (although that of course would be a partial factor, sometimes I ‘look different’ even if I wear exactly the same outfit).

Last week, I walked right in front of my friend who was waiting for me, while she looked directly into my face and she didn’t seem to know it was me until I called her name. She didn’t recognise me, even though she’s seen me every week since last semester. I guess she could have been spacing-out and daydreaming… But then, also last week, I ran into my cousin my chance and almost ran into him, and again he only recognised me when I called his name. "Matt!" He stared at me in the face and smiled. 

"You look different." I looked at him. "Your hair is short— wait, I’ve seen it when it’s short. I didn’t recognise you."

"You haven’t seen me in months, but at least you still recognise my voice easily." 

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