The disturbing dream I had the other night

There was a strange woman, with long black hair, who stood like a shadow independent of an owner in the middle of the room. Small, and fragile looking, as if the opening of a curtain would blow her away or make her vanish. But on second look, she was also as bold and dark as a spilt ink stain. She kept staring, with a menacing expression— a disturbing, cruel grin on her face, as if she wanted something from me. I tried not to look directly at her face.

But then I noticed two other girls in the room. One who had noticed her as well, and the fact I hadn’t seen them before alerted me it was a dream. I wasn’t sure at this stage whether I was just an onlooker, or an actual part of the events of the dream.

The girl who noticed the woman tapped her friend on the shoulder to get her attention, and as her friend turned to face her, she stood frozen in the direction of the terrifying woman. As soon as this happened, the woman approached both of them at rapid speed. She stopped in front of the girl who was last to notice her and made the observation, “you’re a perfect fit for the beautiful clothes I own… would you like to try them on?”

And indeed her clothes were beautiful; she was wearing a beautiful long, but light and flowy, black lace dress with intricate design. It looked like something hand-woven by a very skilled dress-maker— not something you could go out and buy no matter how hard you searched. The girl was tall and thin, but not quite as thin as the woman. She politely refused her offer, saying, “sorry, the clothes are too dark for my personalit—”

The woman’s eyes widened, with the same scary expression as she leaned in towards the girl’s face. I remembered that the whole time this was happening I was trying to avoid looking at her, especially in the eyes! But as soon as I did, it felt like she had been watching me, the whole time. I shuddered awake, facing my window, eyes hardly able to open I was so exhausted. As I was falling back asleep, I saw the shadow of a small, long haired woman beside my bed and as terrified as I was, I was too tired to open my eyes fully to take her into proper view. But as my eyes closed I felt something pressing on my hands which were hugged against my chest. It felt like someone was leaning on me, as they tried to stare at my sleeping face.

I fought as hard as I could not to fall asleep, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I realised it was all part of my dreaming and there was nothing there… either that, or that I had taken too long to open my eyes and given her enough time to vanish.

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