It feels like clocks are playing tricks on me

Time usually seems to go so fast for no reason, except when I’m reading. As I read, I look at the time expecting ten to fifteen minutes to have gone by, when in fact it has only been three. I compare the amount of pages I’ve read to where I was up to before, and I’ve read a lot. I don’t even consider myself a fast reader… but it seems like lately when I read, real-time goes slower. It’s almost as if it’s doing me a favour— time goes slower for me, so I can read more.

But when I’m doing other things, like studying, drawing, making myself a meal or taking a shower, an hour or more goes by quickly. For example today, I went to take a shower (and I was doing other things as well) but I came downstairs thinking I had taken no more than 30 minutes. But in fact, I’d spent more than 40… I felt like drawing today, and looked up at the clock, feeling like only 15 minutes had passed, but I had spent over an hour drawing. I finally started my revision for the day at 10pm, thinking I’d finish at 10.30pm, but I looked up at the time and it was almost 11.30pm instead.

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